Nickel City Volleyball

We  Volleyball

JVA Steel City Freeze (2022)

Pittsburgh, PA

Event Dates: February 5 - February 6

Team(s) Attending: 15 Regional, 16 Regional, 18 Regional


Check-in: Friday, Feb. 4 - Check-out: Sunday, Feb. 6

  1. HAMPTON INN & SUITES PITTSBURGH | 1247 Smallman St., Pittsburgh, PA 
  2. OMNI WILLIAM PENN HOTEL | 530 William Penn Place, Pittsburgh, PA

The group block has closed and unclaimed rooms have been returned into the hotel's inventory. 

If you are in need of hotel reservations, see below for additional options.


  • If the Nickel City group block has closed/filled you may still be able to do individual reservations through the tournament booking site: Individual Hotel Reservations - JVA Steel City Freeze 2022
    • All available hotel & room options will show - if space is still available at the hotel(s) listed for our group block, it will be listed in the options (available rates and room type may vary)
    • Be sure to verify check-in and check out dates, and note there is still a $5/room booking fee

  • Once you submit the booking fee your information is transmitted to the hotel and locked in. Only the hotel will be provided the CC info which will be used for check-in

  • You will only be charged the $5 booking fee when pulling from the block, the nightly rate is not due until the actual tournament weekend (an authorization hold may be placed up to one week before check-in)

  • If you have any questions or need additional help with booking, contact the Housing Coordinator