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Before Arriving at Practice:

  • Be symptom-free at least 14 days prior to any activity.
  • Stay home if you are sick or do not feel well.
  • Wash and sanitize your hands often.
  • Do not touch your face, eyes or mouth with unclean hands.
  • Practice social distancing regularly.
  • Wear a face mask to reduce exposure to airborne particles.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your elbow if you cough or sneeze.
  • Be aware of and disclose any potential contacts with affected individuals.

Arriving at Practice:

  • Only players, coaches and staff of NCV are allowed inside facilities due to COVID-19 capacity regulations.
  • All players, coaches and staff entering the facility will need to check-in. You will be required to sign-in, verify online questionnaire is complete, and have your temperature checked.  
  • Masks must be worn when entering the building AND during play.
  • Practice social distancing during water breaks and on the court when possible. 
  • Bring adequate water and do not share your water bottle. Label your water bottle so it can be easily identified. 
  • Sanitize your hands often during breaks.
  • Refrain from huddling and high fiving with other participants.
  • Please do not show up more than 10 minutes prior to the start of your practice time.
  • Follow all guidelines posted throughout the facility. 

  • Balls will be cleaned periodically during each lesson, practice and tryout session and as needed.
  • Volleyballs and carts will be cleaned after each lesson, camp, tryout, and practice sessions. 

If an athlete, coach, or staff is showing any symptoms of COVID-19 or has traveled to a "hot spot", please stay home until 2 weeks after the first symptom is clear or have returned from your travel. 

  • Anyone who has come in close contact with a person testing positive for COVID-19 must quarantine themselves for 2 weeks and follow state guidelines regarding quarantining.
  • If any player, coach, or staff has a confirmed case or has come in close contact with someone who has a confirmed case of COVID-19, we are asking all parents, coaches, or staff members to notify us immediately by email at 
  • Administrators will notify all players, coach, and staff members of any potential exposure and notify the CDC and Dept. of Health. 
  • Facilities will also be notified to perform a deep cleaning.
  • Players, coaches or staff who test positive for COVID-19 cannot return to NCV activities until 2 weeks of their positive test date AND all symptoms have subsided (loss of taste and smell may last more than two weeks). 
    • Signed clearance from a health care provider is also required

COVID Questionnaire

Complete prior to attending 

EACH team activity

Return to Play Guidelines

Read the full Return to Play 

guidelines issued by WEVA and counties across our region