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Nickel City accepts electronic payments through PayPal and Venmo!

Follow the instructions and link below to send payments to Nickel City Volleyball Club. 


When/if prompted about the PAYMENT TYPE:

  • SELECT option to send to "Friends and Family"
  • DO NOT select "Paying for Goods and Servicesor activate "Purchase Protection"
    • PayPal and Venmo deduct a fee resulting in Nickel City receiving less than the intended payment amount
    • We will only apply the amount received to your account balance

VENMO (available only through mobile app)

Search/send payments using:

  1. Email:
  2. Username: @NickelCity-Volleyball
  3. QR code (pictured on right)
  4. Phone verification: last 4 digits = 0507
Payments are sent for FREE when using your Venmo balance, a linked bank account (checking or savings) or a debit card. A convenience fee will be charged to you by Venmo for payments made with a credit card


Search/send payments using:
  • Email:
  1. Username: @NickleCityVB
Payments are sent for FREE from your PayPal balance or a linked bank account (checking or savings). A convenience fee will be charged to you by PayPal for payments made with a debit or credit card

View club season payment schedule

Questions or concerns about payments? 

Email us -