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When are tryouts?

Nickel City tryouts are typically held in mid-November or early-December, following the conclusion of the varsity high school season. Tryout details will generally be posted to our website when confirmed.


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What is WEVA and why do I have to join?

The Western Empire Volleyball Association (WEVA) is a not-for-profit organization and a regional member of USA Volleyball (USAV), the national sports governing body for volleyball. Its purpose is to develop and promote the sport of volleyball, through adult, junior, and youth programs.

To participate in USAV programs (as a player, coach, manager, club or team rep, chaperone or administrator for any club or team) you must register as a member of USAV & WEVA. This registration provides you with coverage under the USAV Insurance Program during your participation in sanctioned tryouts, practices, clinics, and tournaments.

Membership options:

  • Junior Membership is $69.00 

    • Provides coverage for the club season from Sept 1 - Aug 31

  • Tryout Membership is $15.00 (RECOMMENDED for tryouts)

    • Provides coverage for any club tryout through Dec 31st

    • Players must upgrade to the Junior Membership to continue participating in team practices, clinics and tournaments after Dec 31st (upgrade cost is just the difference between the two memberships, $54.00)

USAV/WEVA membership must be purchased online and requires a credit/debit card or bank account to complete the transaction. Directions for purchasing memberships can be found on the WEVA page.

What age division do I fall into?

USAV age definitions are determined by the age the player will be on June 30th of the current season.


Each season begins on September 1st and ends on August 31st. For the 2023 - 2024 season, a player's age division is based on how old they will be on June 30, 2024.


The age division are enforced in sanctioned competitions. Teams and players can enter into older age divisions but cannot compete in younger divisions. [ex. a 16u player/team can play in the 18u division, but an 18u player/team cannot participate in the 15u division]. 

I tried out for another club, is my WEVA membership still good?

If you have a WEVA membership for the current season from other tryouts, your membership is valid!  

NOTE: Regular/full season memberships expire on August 31st. If you have renewed your membership as of September 1st of the current year, it is valid for any club tryout.

Be prepared to provide proof of membership at your tryout.

I paid my registration for WEVA, why do I need to pay a tryout fee?

The Nickel City tryout fee is used to cover administrative expenses the club incurs to start the season and run our tryouts.

WEVA/USAV fees are a separate cost required for participation with ANY USAV volleyball program across the country and are not calculated into the Nickel City Volleyball club fees. 

I already know I only want to be a Practice Player, do I still need to attend a tryout?

Yes! Even if you do not intend to participate in tournaments as a regional team player you will still need to attend a tryout. This will help us determine which team you will best fit with to continue development of your skills.

Additional questions?

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